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Sales Force of the Future Study

Insights into what is important to manufacturers
and retailers – now and in the future. Determine
how well manufacturers are performing (their
perspective vs. retailer). And more!

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Top Talent: A Top Priority

Insights Into Recruiting and Retaining Millennials For Consumer Packaged Goods Sales

With Baby Boomers rapidly approaching retirement, CPG companies will have more vacancies than their Generation X successors can fill – especially in Sales. To fill those positions, companies will have to turn to the Boomers' children, most colloquially referred to as "Millennials", who are projected to comprise 50 percent of the workforce by 2018. This leads CPG Sales executives to consider some critical questions: 1) How do we get the top talent among Millennials into CPG Sales?; 2)How do we keep them at our companies? This comprehensive study, conducted by the Sales Executive Share Group (SESG), an organization of the top sales executives at major CPG companies, explores the answers to these and other important questions based on their research.

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Retailer Needs of the Future Study

Let your vendors know what matters most and how well they deliver against your needs. Compare yourself to other retailers.

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RETAIL:NEXT – Investing in the Shopper Experience

The results of a recent RetailWire/Dechert-Hampe survey of retail industry experts and practitioners emphasize the need to deliver unique shopping experiences and superior customer service. Price, product selection and technology can only take you so far in retailing today because they can be matched by competitors. When it comes to creating happy consumers, retailers need to deliver unique shopping experiences and customer service that meets shoppers' expectations. Living up to those expectations is what ultimately determines how consumers perceive a retailer. Those are the key takeaways from the third in the series of RetailWire surveys conducted by Dechert-Hampe & Co.

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RETAIL:NEXT – What's Next at Retail?

What's the next big (or small) concept that will rock retailing? What will be the influence of the economic downturn? These were among the questions asked in the RetailWire/Dechert-Hampe study report, Retail Formats in Transition, the first in a series of forward-looking studies entitled RETAIL:NEXT.

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RETAIL:NEXT – Fad or Trend: Will Recessionary Shopping Behavior Continue?

The consumer and the marketplace tend to react to events. The greater the impact of the event, the greater the reaction can be. The question is whether these reactions are simply short-term fads or represent real lasting trends. With success dependant on the ability to distinguish behavioral fads from trends in the coming months, Dechert-Hampe and the editors of RetailWire, joined forces again, along with Miller Zell, to shed light on what some of the industry's brightest and most informed are thinking.

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Evolution of the Front-End

Front-End Checkstands are constantly evolving. How does this innovation impact impulse sales? With continued evolution must come continual evaluation of these front-end merchandising changes.

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Top Talent: A Top Priority

This comprehensive study conducted by the Sales Executive Share Group (SESG), an organization of the top sales executives at major CPG companies, provides insights into recruiting and retaining Millennials for Consumer Packaged Goods Sales.


Up Your Chances for Acquisition Success

Acquisitions are all sold with grand promises for success. Most acquisitions aren't lacking for in-depth assessments, so why is actual acquisition success such a mixed bag?

Maximizing Opportunities
at Self Checkout

An overview of the current status and future prospects for self checkouts in the retail environment.

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