Strategy, Structure & Planning

Establish new strategic approaches or improve your current strategies.

We can help ensure that your strategy, structure and processes are aligned for optimal effectiveness and efficiency. We can help you ensure that you have the right processes in place to achieve your goals and objectives. And we can help you develop an organization structure that will maximize your results and help you develop effective route-to-market plans for your customers and channels.

Our Strategy, Structure & Planning services include:

  • Go to Market Planning– We’ll work with you to establish a Go-to-Market approach based on the questions you need to need to ask:
    • What are my core/focus products/SKUs?
    • How do I attack my various customer segments?
    • How do I execute marketing plans across my customer base?

  • Organization Structure Design – Developing the optimal organization involves more than simply creating new organization charts. Our approach ensures that the structure aligns with your strategy and incorporates all of the factors that affect your organization’s performance (process, staffing, reporting, compensation, training, systems, etc.). Also, we help you develop an implementation plan to address the details of organizational change.

  • Channel & Customer Development – Our approach defines customer relationships and the series of “touchpoints” (business process interactions) that make up the typical manufacturer/customer relationship. Using a proprietary model, we can assist you in mapping your business processes and assessing their effectiveness. We also conduct Customer Satisfaction Studies and use the results to help you develop an effective CRM Strategy.

  • Process Engineering – Good process usually drives good results. Some companies have disappointing results because their underlying business processes are inefficient or broken. How well do your processes work? The only way to know for sure is to map them, identify issues, and find ways to improve and/or simplify the processes.

  • Customer Segmentation – One size does not fit all; your marketplace programs need to be tailored to the needs of different customers. Working with you to understand your customers and their challenges, we can create relevant customer segments and develop approaches and programs that target them.

  • Organization Development – The overall effectiveness of your organization is determined by a broad range of factors, including: Goals/Objectives/Strategy, Processes, Structure/Staffing/Compensation and Systems/Tools. We use our Organization Development model to evaluate these key drivers, assess their impact on your effectiveness and ensure that they are all working in sync.

  • Change Management – Change Management is an essential element in planning any organizational transformation (new structure, tools or programs) to ensure that the organization continues to perform and deliver business results during the planning, implementation and post-transformation timeframes. Working together with you, we can develop an approach that ensures not only that “change happens” but that it is embraced and effectively implemented.


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