What We Do

Management Consulting it's what we doWe help consumer products and services companies succeed in changing markets.

Consumer product marketing has always been challenging, but never so much so as it is today. The consumer landscape is more complex and less homogenous than it has ever been. Strategic planning and tactical implementation now require deeper, more granular insights and bold new thinking if Sales and Marketing efforts are to succeed.

At Dechert-Hampe, we help CPG companies address the new challenges of our times, as we have over the past 50 years. We help them understand what consumers are thinking and feeling, and what motivates them to choose one brand over another. We help them design and implement sales and marketing strategies that provide a competitive advantage. And we help them develop and support effective sales teams.

All of these services are focused on delivering tangible results for our clients and on building trusting, close, relationships.

Our Focus

  • Sales Effectiveness – We help clients establish sales organizations that are more efficient, effective, competitive, and customer-centric. To do that, we provide effective solutions for a wide range of sales-related activities including developing the optimal structure, improving sales force effectiveness, developing shopper insights and efficiently managing trade funds.
  • Marketing Productivity – Using advanced market research, analytical tools and methods, the consumer, channel and competitive environment to gain the insights needed to increase market efficiencies and define future opportunities.


Key Service Areas

  • Strategy, Structure & Planning – Achieve profitable growth by addressing fundamental issues such as organization structure design; organization development; process engineering; change management; route-to-market planning; channel and customer development; and customer segmentation.
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  • Research, Analytics & Insights – Improve the return on your demand generation investment through trade spending; models and metrics, market and channel research; category management; shopper behavior, insights and missions; merchandising effectiveness; item rationalization; category productivity; in-store research & testing; micro and loyalty marketing; benchmarking; and competitive assessments.
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  • Productivity & Performance Improvement – Reach the next level with the help of services such as sales effectiveness assessments, CRM/system implementation, sales planning and forecasting, reporting tools, scorecarding, incentives, learning needs/competency assessment, high performance teams, and learning & development programs.
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Evolution of the Front-End

Front-End Checkstands are constantly evolving. How does this innovation impact impulse sales? With continued evolution must come continual evaluation of these front-end merchandising changes.

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Top Talent: A Top Priority

This comprehensive study conducted by the Sales Executive Share Group (SESG), an organization of the top sales executives at major CPG companies, provides insights into recruiting and retaining Millennials for Consumer Packaged Goods Sales.


Up Your Chances for Acquisition Success

Acquisitions are all sold with grand promises for success. Most acquisitions aren't lacking for in-depth assessments, so why is actual acquisition success such a mixed bag?

Maximizing Opportunities
at Self Checkout

An overview of the current status and future prospects for self checkouts in the retail environment.

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